Design Forum Finland’s CEO changes

Petteri Kolinen has been leading Design Forum Finland since 2015. The aim of the organisation is to support the growth of Finnish companies and organisations, and their international competitiveness and success, by promoting the use of design on a strategic level. This is what Petteri and all of Design Forum Finland’s talented staff have been working towards throughout the five-year strategy period that has now come to an end.

With the operating environment changing and a new strategy period beginning, the board of Design Forum Finland and Petteri Kolinen have together come to the conclusion that it is time to move on to a new phase. Design Forum Finland has launched a search for a new CEO as Petteri moves on to new challenges. Ia Adlercreutz, chairperson of the board of Design Forum Finland, will lead the operational activities until the new CEO has assumed their duties.

Photo: Mikko Ryhänen