Design has its roots deep in Finnish identity

Innovative, competent, entrepreneurial and skilled people have always succeeded well here in the north, in this country of challenging conditions and large distances.

The wonderful exhibition by the National Museum opened in 2018, ‘10,000 years of design’, presented the ingenious tools and solutions that made life in Finland possible and successful for our ancestors.

The golden era of Finnish design was based on this ancient tradition of ours; the products were still inspired by need and meant for everyone, the ideas were unique and the design elegant, innovative, original, functional and beautiful.

Today, these traditions are still a large part of our identity, only the design objects have changed as the world has evolved. However, people as well as the sustainable and meaningful value produced both for us and the world are still at the heart of design.

We still design products, but we also design services, strategies, experiences, operational models, cities and companies.

Design Forum Finland Awards gathers together the most notable Finnish design awards and presents, communicates about and supports the best modern design, helping further highlight the significance of design to Finnish identity.

This helps us do our part in building Finnish success also for future decades and generations.

Petteri Kolinen
Design Forum Finland

The text is an introduction of the DFF Awards publication.