Graphic Designer of the Year 2022 award to Kaisa and Christoffer Leka

Kaisa and Cristoffer Leka pictured.

The Graphic Designer of the Year 2022 jury honours Kaisa and Christoffer Leka especially for their work as graphic design teachers, but also for their long-term and award-winning self-publishing activities.

The jury justifies its choice on the basis of their overall passion for the field, which is reflected both in their meticulously finished printed products and in their teaching work, which inspires new graphic design students, especially in typography and printed products. Kaisa and Christoffer Leka┬┤s selfless dedication to both these areas is very special and admirable.

Kaisa and Christoffer Leka’s Graphic Designer of the Year 2022 award exhibition opens on 8 April in the Design Museum and will be on display until 29 May 2022.

Photo: Josh Cockroft