The Nordic Report 03

The Nordic Report 03 of SustaiNordic is out!

The Nordic Report 03 showcases twelve contemporary phenomena, including the transition from linear to circular economy, the idea of a waste-free society and visions to the future of transport and food production. The most prominent Nordic experts within sustainable production and consumption have been interviewed for the book.

SustaiNordic is a network and platform for promoting sustainable consumption and production in the Nordic countries in accordance with UN Global Goal 12 of Agenda 2030. Six design, architecture and urban planning organizations participate in the network:  ArkDes and Form/Design Center from Sweden, Design Forum Finland, DOGA from Norway, Danish Design Center, and Iceland Design Centre. The SustaiNordic project is administered by ArkDes and Form/Design Center and funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Design Forum Finland has participated in the project by searching for good Finnish examples of sustainable consumption and production. This and the two previous publications can be downloaded from the project’s website

Photo: SustaiNordic