Fennia Prize 20 – stand out with strategic design competence

The Fennia Prize 20 competition awards companies and organisations that use design strategically in their business operations with the objectives of competitiveness and international growth.

Products, concepts and services that have been created by using design comprehensively and innovatively in their planning and implementation, product development, manufacture and brand can be enrolled in the competition.

Fennia Prize 20 is arranged by Design Forum Finland, Fennia Group, Elo and the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH). The award sum in 2020 is €35,000 in total, and it will be donated by Fennia Group and Elo. The Fennia Prize Grand Prix is at least €15,000. The award committee will make the decision on how to distribute the rest of the award sum. Additionally, the Finnish Patent and Registration Office will grant one €5,000 IPR award in the competition.

The competition’s application process was open 18 August – 31 October 2019. The winners of Fennia Prizes and the honorary mentions are elected by a jury of experts from the fields of design and business life.

Fennia Prize 20 is a part of the Design Forum Finland Awards unit, and the winners will be published in spring 2020 at the Design Forum Finland Awards event.



The competition is arranged by Design Forum Finland, the Fennia Group, Elo and the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

Design Forum Finland supports the international competitiveness of Finnish companies and organisations by promoting the strategic use of design. Our values, trailblazing, interaction, meaningfulness and sustainability, are reflected in the elected winners. Design Forum Finland is maintained by the Finnish Society of Crafts and Design. Design Forum Finland is in charge of the competition’s implementation, communication and the exhibition linked to the prize, with its additional programme, as well as the exhibition’s possible tour.

The competition and prize were established by Fennia and Design Forum in 1989 in order to promote insightful design and the competitive edge of companies. The prize, called Pro Finnish Design, was first awarded in 1990. The Fennia Group and Elo Mutual Pension Insurance manage as partners the Fennia Prizes with the purpose of promoting entrepreneurship, company growth and the creation of healthy working communities.

The Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) creates a stable basis for Finnish business life by registering companies and communities and by investigating and protecting intellectual property rights, e.g. trademarks, patents and design rights. PRH donates the IPR Excellence Prize.

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Producer, design prizes

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