Fennia Prize 2017

The Fennia Prize Grand Prix of 2017 was given to Merivaara Corporation, a company that has made consistent use of design in its product development for several years.

The Fennia Prize Grand Prix is €10,000. Five Fennia Prize Winner prizes of €5,000 were also awarded in the competition.

The receivers were: Consair Oy for its CAMU 1200 clean air management unit, Genelec Oy for the new smart active loudspeaker, Naava for its smart green wall, Pentagon Design Oy for the liquorice concept for Fazer, and Planmed Oy for the Planmed Clarity mammography unit.

Fennia Prize Honourable mentions were given to ten companies: Fiskars Finland Oy Ab, INTO Concept Oy, Jukolux Oy, Konecranes Global Oy, LINK Design and Development Oy, Lojer Oy, Nuviz Oy, Pomarfin Oy, PUF Design Market and Skanska Talonrakennus Oy.

In addition to Fennia Prizes, the Finnish Patent and Registration Office gave out the IPR Excellence prize for the protection of intellectual property rights. In 2017 the prize was given to two companies: Lojer Oy for the Manuthera mobilisation table, and for Secto Design Oy for active protection of its IPR rights.

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