Fennia Prize 22 – strategically designed success stories

The most successful companies know how to make use of design expertise. The Fennia Prize 22 competition seeks companies and organisations that consider design to be a strategic resource.


Strategically used design is not just about designing products, services or visual identities.

It is also about developing business processes, creating events and experiences or clarifying the company’s identity. It is new concepts, customer-orientation, innovation and responsibility. It is design for the future.

The Fennia Prize 22 design competition aimed at companies and organisations is organised by Design Forum Finland and Fennia in collaboration with the Finnish Patent and Registration Office and Elo.

The €15,000 Fennia Prize Grand Prix and the Fennia Prize Winner awards totalling €20,000 are donated by Fennia. The Finnish Patent and Registration Office will also be giving out the €5,000 IPR award as part of the competition.

The competition entry period is 16 August – 15 October 2021. The winners and honourable mentions of the Fennia Prize 22 competition will be selected by a jury consisting of design and business experts.

Fennia Prize 22 is part of Design Forum Finland Awards, and the winners will be showcased at the DFF Awards exhibition in spring 2022.

Is your company the next success story?



Entry period: 16 August – 15 October 2021
Judging: December 2021
Announcement of winners and DFF Awards exhibition: May 2022

Competition rules & competition brief

Taina Martikainen

Digital Producer, DFF Awards design prizes

+358 40 524 3903

Fennia – for business and life.

At Fennia, we provide non-life, life, pension and savings insurance services. We throw ourselves wholeheartedly into making sure that you can boldly explore and venture out into the unknown. When you develop, we develop with you.

We are working on a multi-year transformation programme, Future Fennia. The idea behind the programme is to develop our digital services, for instance, and invest in our brand, culture and, consequently, the customer experience. Our goal is to provide the best customer experience in the insurance sector.

We support Finnish design because we wish to promote entrepreneurship and the growth of companies, while also contributing to thriving work communities. Better designed products and services improve the quality of life and the day-to-day lives of all Finns.

Many possible roads lead to the future. Each of us can choose which road to take.

Your future. Fennia.


Elo is a pension insurance company owned by its customers that manages the statutory earnings-related pensions of self-employed persons and the employees of client companies. One third of all Finnish companies and about 40% of self-employed people in Finland have chosen Elo to manage their pension insurance needs. We have been entrusted with the provision of future pensions of around 477,000 employees and self-employed persons, the payment of pensions for around 240,000 pensioners and the management of EUR 26 billion in investment assets.


The Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) creates a stable basis for Finnish business life by registering companies and communities and by investigating and protecting intellectual property rights, e.g. trademarks, patents and design rights. PRH donates the IPR Excellence Prize.

IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) provide (design) companies with a significant competitive advantage. IPR support a company’s branding – they are a marketing, communications and differentiation tool. IPR also offer companies a means of protecting their rights. With our IPR Excellence award, we want to highlight companies whose products contain new and innovative solutions that utilise industrial design in product development and that protect their products in a versatile manner – by utilising design copyrights and trademarks in particular – both in Finland and abroad.


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