Young Designer of the Year

The Young Designer of the Year prize is an encouragement award with the intention to support young designers in their uncompromising and unique work. The winners have demonstrated creative vision, competence, daring and entrepreneurship in the design field and have received some international visibility. In 2018–2022, the prize includes a residence period at the Finnish Institute in France, Paris, the following spring.

Design Forum Finland’s Young Designer of the Year Prize can be given to one or several individuals or a team exhibiting new, creative concepts and skills in design.

The purpose of the prize is to encourage young designers to carry on uncompromising and original work in design. The prize sum is 5,000 € and it includes an exhibition. The prize has been awarded annually since 2000 and the receivers of the prize are selectede by a jury.

The Young Designer of the Year prize, the Kaj Franck Design Prize and the Fennia Prize design competition are paused in 2023. The prizes and awards are being developed to better meet with the present-day circumstances.

Photo: Mikko Ryhänen

2022 design studio Juslin Maunula
2021 designer Hanna Anonen
2020 ceramic artist Matias Liimatainen
2019 designer Laura Väre
2018 master cabinetmaker Antrei Hartikainen
2017 textile and surface designer Reeta Ek
2016 designer, creative director Laura Väinölä
2015 designer Pyry Taanila
2014 footwear designer Minna Parikka
2013 designer Mari Isopahkala and designer Iina Vuorivirta
2012 designer Linda Bergroth and arts/design collective OK Do (Anni Sutela and Jenna Puolakka)
2011 illustrator Laura Laine and fashion designer Heikki Salonen
2010 designer groups Imu and Aivan!
2009 designers Terhi Tuominen and Mikko Laakkonen
2008 designers Nathalie Lahdenmäki and Naoto Niidome
2007 shoe designer Julia Lundsten and designer Janne Kyttänen
2006 industrial designer Jukka Korpihete and furniture designer Mikko Paakkanen
2005 graphic designers Antti Hinkula and Teemu Suviala
2002 designer and cabinetmaker Tuuli Autio and designer and silversmith Pyry Tamminen
2001 interior architect Karola Sahi and architect Eeva Lithovius
2000 designers Harri Koskinen and Ilkka Suppanen

Taina Martikainen

Digital Producer, DFF Awards design prizes

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