Stuff in Flux 2

Stuff in Flux 2 studies what is the future of global consuming and what kinds of products and services future consumers want and what they value. How has the pandemic changed consumer behaviour and steered the market – how should companies prepare for these changes?

Stuff in Flux is an international research project studying changes in consumer behaviour and consumer attitudes. Its objective is to gain insight into the evolution of sustainably produced goods and businesses and what role design can play in this. In the first stage of the research, leading-edge consumers were interviewed across four markets: in Canada, Germany, USA and China. The findings included insight of how consumer behaviour is evolving, what values guide consumers’ decisions and how sustainable development impacts the choices. In the next stage the results are validated and applied to Finnish circumstances.

The desirability of products and the success of companies can increasingly be influenced by design. The aim of Design Forum Finland is to share information about the future trends and customer needs, among other things, as it supports the international competitiveness and sustainability of Finnish companies with the means of extensively used design.

Stuff in Flux 2 is carried out by Alice Labs / Oskar Korkman and Sharon Greene. Design Forum Finland is the only Finnish partner in the research project. Participating in the research are leading global consumer brands, as well as non-profit organizations, whose aim is to further more sustainable consumption. Sitra is one of the sponsors of the project. The findings of Stuff in Flux 2 will be published in May. We’ll organize a DF Talk event on 18 May – read here for more information and join us!

The first Stuff in Flux research, funded by Sitra, was published in 2017.

Päivi Kaira

Brand Manager

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