EcoDesign Sprint

EcoDesign Sprint is a training programme intended for SME’s and design agencies interested in the possibilities of circular economy.

EcoDesign Sprint workshops are a combination of innovation, practical training and product & service development through circular economy thinking and design methods.

EcoDesign Sprint is a strategic and hands-on tool for companies, bringing together a multidisciplinary team of experts to work with the client company’s needs and novel circular business opportunities. The primary goal of EcoDesign Sprint is to develop the business of SMEs and create more sustainable products and services for them. Another goal is to provide the participants with in-depth knowledge on the possibilities and business models of the circular economy.

The new EcoDesign Sprint 4.0 workshop enlarges the life cycle principle, familiar from circular economy, by bringing in the service development perspective. EcoDesign Sprint 4.0 simultaneously produces both new business ideas and enhances the company’s competence in design thinking, service design and circular economy.

Design Forum Finland developed the EcoDesign Sprint workshops as a part of the EcoDesign Circle project. So far, EcoDesign Sprint has been piloted in ten client companies and design agencies in five of the partnering countries of EcoDesign Circle – Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Russia and Germany. The partner of Design Forum Finland in developing the workshops were the internationally awarded circular economy consultant Ethica Oy and service design agency Hellon.

Photo: Harve acoustic panel, design: Tatu Laakso, photo: Mikko Ryhänen


The model canvases of the EcoDesign Sprint 4.0 workshop can be copied from here (Mural) or downloaded as pdf’s.

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