Design Forum Studio: Strategic design coaching

Strategic design coaching shows why investing in using design on a strategic level is profitable.

The objective of strategic design coaching is to increase understanding about strategic design and its use in a company or organisation. This creates new opportunities for growth and business development.

The strategic design coaching is a training unit consisting of different modules. Their themes are central factors linked to the strategic use of design. The best, most experienced experts will coach each theme. The coaching is free-of-charge for the participants.

The coaching is intended for growth-centred, innovative companies and organisations with international potential as well as their key personnel. The prerequisite is that the company or organisation itself does not provide design or planning services. The coaching participants will be selected through an application process. The development targets of the company or organisation to be selected can be linked to industrial design, service design, digital services or brand building, for example. N.B. The language of the coaching is Finnish and more information can be found on this page in Finnish.

Saija Malila

Producer, Design Forum events, Service Designer

+358 44 727 2280